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Host Trace Smith welcomes esteemed athletes (and less esteemed pals) into the Smith Center to rap about a variety of sports topics. While national issues are broached, the aptly named show devotes the lion's share of its attention to those issues most pertinent and pressing in the southeast. Listen in for lighthearted yet in-depth conversations about college pigskin and hoops, the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA Tour, and other timely topics in the glorious world of sport! The Southeast Sports Beat debuted on September 9, 2009.


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September 9, 2009 In the inaugural episode of the Southeast Sports Beat, host Trace Smith welcomes close friend and former North Carolina Tar Heel point guard, Adam Boone, back into the friendly confines of the Smith Center. Their insightful parlance touches on Carolina basketball, ACC hoops, European basketball, Ron Artest, and even a little pigskin. Show length: 53:15
September 15, 2009 The passing of Patrick Swayze, a few recent questionable behaviors, and gambling are the topics up for debate today on the Southeast Sports Beat. Trace welcomes gambling guru, Kenny the Key (, into the Smith Center to discuss some lines and offer picks for the days and weekend ahead.
September 17, 2009 Trace welcomes Carucci and Press Yates into the Smith Center to broach the most serious of topics: ACC football threads. The uniforms of the Atlantic division are up for debate today before Trace puts in a call to Athens, GA for a chat with his pal Steve, a devote of the Atlanta Falcons. The two dicuss this weekend's Panthers-Dirty Birds match-up and give their obligatory due to the subject of Mike Vick, the dirtiest bird of them all!
September 22, 2009 Ball-busting and witty chatter are on tap when Trace puts in a call to wish his Uncle Bill a merry 43rd birthday. Lord William of Mayfair (Uncle Bill) is joined by his pal, Chicky Stewart, for the Colts-Fins Monday Night Football contest in Miami. Some hilarious outtakes from the drive to Landshark Stadium precede the on-location pregame dialogue from outside the venue. What this 'cast lacks in length, it more than makes up for in laughs. Show length: 18:23
September 23, 2009 Riley Skinner, veteran signal caller of the Demon Deacons, is welcomed into the Smith Center for some pigskin parlance. The 2006 ACC ROY and Orange Bowl veteran imparts pearls (or perhaps more appropriately, pigskins) of wisdom on issues ranging from the BCS/playoff system debate, ACC defenses, public misconceptions of college football players, and his lasting impact on the Wake Forest football program. Show length: 31:08
September 24, 2009 One of sports media's premier beat reporters, 710 ESPN Radio's Beto Duran, visits the Smith Center to talk Southern Cal football, Mark Sanchez, and the beginnings of the Ron Artest

experiment. Please do check out Beto's outstanding Twitter feed, @DuranLA, for a revealing look into the Los Angeles sports landscape. Show length: 14:43

September 25, 2009 Former UNC point guard, Adam Boone, makes his second visit back into the Smith Center. Trace and Adam run through a few enticing lines for this weekend's NFL match-ups, admonish the 'Twitterfool of the Week', and preview this Monday's Cowboys-Panthers match-up. Show length: 26:07
September 25, 2009 Trace makes room for The FATMAN in this episode of the Southeast Sports Beat. FATMAN gets what FATMAN wants, and during this visit, FATMAN wants to talk golf. Trace obliges and the two discuss Lord William's round at the Blue Monster, this year's major winners, the FedEx Cup, and Fatman's own game. Show length: 17:14
October 13, 2009 Trace returns from his brief hiatus by welcoming SportsCenter anchor extraordinaire Robert Flores into the Smith Center to rap about life as an ESPN employee. The show opens with program regular Brian Carucci defending his Patriots and Trace's musings on his woeful Panthers and Tar Heels. Show length: 31:23
October 15, 2009 The sultan of sports talk, ESPN's Dave Dameshek, pays a visit to the Smith Center to discuss some football, hockey, and the great Pierre Garcon fantasy football debate between he and the Sports Guy. Just as we'd expect of a signal caller from the western region of Dave's home state of Pennsylvania, Dameshek delivers a magnificent performance and shares a fascinating tale about a near tussle with The Great One. Remember, you can subscribe to the show for free on iTunes by searching "Southeast Sports Beat"
October 24, 2009 A somber ambiance permeates through the inner annals of the Smith Center as Trace bemoans the sad state of Car'lina (no O in Chapel Hill these days) football. Carucci pays us a visit to sing praises at the altar of Sir Tom Brady and to pick fun at Trace's lowly Panthers. The duo also discuss Trace's entry into "The EDBA" fantasy league and the results from the draft lottery
October 27, 2009 Fan of the Evil Empire and that other professional LA hoops squad, Chuck Morrison, visits the Smith Center to dicuss the World Series and the looming 2009-2010 NBA season
November 3, 2009 Craig Dodge, creator of, treads softly into the Smith Center to discuss his matchup with Trace's formidable Carolina Cougars in Week 2 of the "The EdBA" fantasy hoops league. In addition to their fanstasy clash, the duo touch on Tywon Lawson's early action with the Denver N(T)huggets as well as the whirlwind year (Cutler, McDaniels, Shanahan, Marshall, et al) in the life of a Denver Broncos fan
November 6, 2009 With yet another Carolina-Dook football match-up on this weekend's docket, Carolina football historians Jim Smith and Matt "Counsel" Wall visit the Smith Center to discuss what once was a nationally recognized and proud rivalry. In the Smith Center's inaugural menagé pod, the trio touch on the early days of the contest, recent memorable contests of the Victory Bell era, and this weekend's affair
December 1, 2009 World famous comedian, sports prognosticator, and sports pontificator, The Ed from Vegas visits the Smith Center to rap about a variety of topics ranging from Tiger Woods to his distaste for Tony Dungy. Listen in for what promises to be the funniest episode of the Southeast Sports Beat's young life
December 22, 2009 Adam Lucas, executive editor of Tar Heel Monthly, contributor to, and author of four fantastic books on UNC hoops, pays a visit to the Smith Center to rap with Trace about their respective takes on Jerryworld and the Texas game. The two also discuss the state of the '09 incarnation of the Heels heading into ACC play, Carolina's place in ESPN's College Basketball Encyclopedia, and who might one day take over for Roy Williams
January 21, 2010 Hilarity ensued during The Ed's visit to the Smith Center to talk Jets-Colts, Vikes-Saints, and more...
March 16, 2010 Trace welcomes the finest podcaster in all the land, Dave Dameshek (of ESPN, Adam Carolla Network, Man Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live fame), into the Smith Center to broach a melange of pertinent sporting topics. The pair toss around thoughts on the state of disrepair in which college hoops finds itself on the brink of March Madness, the recently completed Olympic games, as well as scandal and impropriety of all sort with the machinations of Eldrick Woods and company in recent months
March 24, 2010 Craig "The Artful" Dodge(r), founder of and host of VerticallyStripedRadio, joins Trace in the Smith Center to impart some pearls of Rocky Mountain wisdom. The pair touch on the NCAA Tournament, the Denver (Thug)Nuggets, and whether one would rather have nude photos (see: Greg Oden, George Hill) circulating the web or JPEGs of oneself with the booger sugar (see: Mike Beasley)