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The Major Minority Report is the newest addition to D.A.M.N. Radio. Hosted by LaMont Brown and Andrew Tobey, the show debuted February 8, 2010. The Ed is a regular guest and the show touches on a wide range of topics from yet to be released movies to conspiracy theories to parenting advice. The Major Minority Report airs weekly, Monday nights at 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST.


Show Date/Listen/Download Show Information
February 8, 2010 On our first show we did a non-gay Newly Wed game, played a call with our favorite weirdo Leonard, talked with The Ed about Parenting, did a quick drink review, and broke down our All-Heaven NBA team.
February 15, 2010 We spoke about what we did wrong last time, gave a proper bio on our favorite oddball Leonard, spoke with The Ed about the Magic Johnson conspiracy, went over ways women are crazy, and finished with our patented A, B, C, D, E, Eff em! segment. Yep. A whole lot of nothing!
February 22, 2010 We played a horribly run game, we spoke about the NBA, talked to Faceventura and Craig Dodge, played a call from Leonard about... um.... a violation in trust, and more.
March 1, 2010 I think we keep getting worse. But why don't you listen and confirm it? This week we spoke about the evils of Facebook, why athletes are the bad guys, played a call from Leonard about a facecloth, and explained why "Law Abiding Citizen" was a horrible movie. Now explain to us in an email ( why we're a horrible show. P.S. Apologies to The Ed, who said he tried to call but couldn't get through.
March 8, 2010 Our grossest show yet| Tonight we talked to The Ed pretty early, and got some good music out of him. He sounds better than Justin Timberlake. We also spoke with Andrew's wife, Nycole, about pop culture, and cosmetics. We spoke with some callers about some disturbing things, and finally, gave a quick review of the movie, "Hot Tub Machine." We closed out the show with another embarassing Leonard Story. By the way, if you stream live, the show will cut off after an hour, so you missed the story. Download it to find out what happens.
March 15, 2010 Tonight's show started off a little bumpy, and got worse. Thankfully, we had Nycole do a pop culture review and The Ed called in and gave us marriage counseling. I did a drink review of Yoo-Hoo, we did an A,B,C,D,E, Eff em about bad parents, we did a "worst spacebook status of the week," and we played a Len call.
March 20, 2010 Andrew talks with Nycole about one of her more interesting stories as a teacher.
March 22, 2010 Tonight's show The Ed called in and told us what a, "Spiderman" is. We had a pop culture review and spoke about race relations with special callers Craig Dodge and Faceventura. We ended the show with a question: Who was right, Leonard or us?
March 29, 2010 Tonight's show covered a vast array of topics. We started off with a pop culture review and then discussed the attempted murder that happened downstairs from my apartment. Next,we did an A,B,C,D,E, Eff em about nightclubs, i got into the 1 on 1 previews (sorry if no one like it, but then again, shush,) I revealed my business idea, and ended with a Leonard parable. Enjoy! Or Not....
April 5, 2010 On tonight's show we did a little of everything. We had the pop culture review, spoke with The Ed, gave away a pizza, and played a story about Leonard blowing 30 grand on nothing. We also talked about our usual nonsense, and forgot to talk about more nonsense. But hey, that means we have some nonsense left over for next week.
April 12, 2010 Tonight we did a pop culture review, and I interviewd Doug to let everyone know who he really is. Unfortunately, we found out that he pees in pools and steals tips. I also told a story that may or may not incriminate me Roman Polanski style. You know you want to listen... (I hope.)
April 19, 2010 Doug planned, or didn't plan a horrible show. If it weren't for The Ed, we would've just had a thumb war tournament on air. Nycole was sick but did a pop culture review anyway, we rehashed the 1 on 1 day, and tried to talk about some other bulldookie. Debacle. Move on. Again.
April 26, 2010 On tonight's show we talked about how Major Minority and his wife met, which led to some yelling and screaming, with Doug, as always, playing the role of the instigator. We also debuted the segments, Dear Doug, where people asked for love advice, and Facebook Funnies, where we gave snappy one liners to all the facebook friends we have. Listen to the show, and hear Doug sing like Mr. Rogers!
May 3, 2010 "Win a Date With Doug" was played, we had a pop culture review, and we did a segment with our buddy Jay called, "Strip Club Ettiquette." But the big news... a very drunk, The Ed called in and broke his hibatus!!!!
May 10, 2010 You set your expectations low and we limboed right under them! On tonight's we spoke with Security Guy Irv and Major Minority's cousin Georgina. We also had a pop culture review, a drink review, and some other nonsense. We hit a slump. We'll be back next week. Don't cry about it!
May 17, 2010 On the big show tonight we had a pop culture review followed by a bagel review. Nycole also spoke about her TV debut, Craig Dodge called in and helped us talk about pick up basketball and defended whiteness, and finally, Doug gave us relationship advice. Try it. You'll like it, or you'll get a full refund.
May 24, 2010 I'm not going to lie... this is the show we cried about it. Our buddy Rick told us about the tragedies in his life, Nycole did a pop culture review and told us about the tragedies in her life, Doug is starting to confront his sex addiction, and we had zero laughs! Anyway, thanks to Craig Dodge and face ventura for calling in at the end, adding to the show. And look out for me enhancing Rick's audio in the next day or so. SLAYER!
May 31, 2010 On tonight's show we had a pop culture review, confronted The Ed about his illegitimate child, and briefly spoke with Mikey Frost about taking advantage of the college social life.
June 7, 2010 On tonight's show we spoke with The Ed, who I beat in the rhyming game, and Face Ventura. Doug did a Sesame Street Theme song, and we played a segment called, "Is it all right if you're white?" We had a swell time doing it, so suffer through it!
June 14, 2010 Tonight was an action packed show. We started with the pop culture review, followed by an interview with actor Peter Tambakis, who will be in HBO's Bored to Death, as well as several other movies coming out soon. We did a controversial A,B,C,D,E Eff em about soccer, and in the last 15 minutes or so, Larry, from LCS, and Craig Dodge, from VSR, seemed to being an epic, curse-laiden fues with each other. Face Ventura soon joined in as well. Thanks to anyone who listens. You're all winners!
June 21, 2010 Tonight I (Doug) hosted the show. We talked a little about the NBA draft. We also attempted to persuade The Ed not to put a hit out on someone.
June 30, 2010 We couldn't leave you without a show for the week, and since we cancelled Monday, due to Doug's apathy, Nycole and Andrew decided to record their own, pop culture review podcast. We started with an angry tirade from Andrew about Doug, went into a bunch of pop culture nonsense, and then played a new segment called, "Gay By Accident" at the very end. Enjoy!
July 5, 2010 Coming to an ear near you!
July 12, 2010 It was Nycole and Andrew's 2nd year wedding anniversary, and to celebrate, Doug interviewed them about their relationship... and more. We also played several Public Service Announcements throughout the show, and spoke of the evils of digital cameras.
July 19, 2010 Shelly had a jam, and Doug and Craig Dodge gave her some invaluable advice. Also, we profiled 18Nalax, aka Tony Juliet Grese as the MMR listener of the week. We spoke about the Knicks, what to do when you're pulled over, and why the beach stinks. Stay tuned in the end for a bonus, behind the scenes conversation between Craig, Drew, LaMont and Face Ventura!
July 30, 2010 On this short podcast we did the pop culture review, recorded some commercials for other blogtalk shows, and found out why Shelly was a "mean girl." Doug free is the way to be! Team Drew! Team Shelly!
August 4, 2010 We did a quick podcast with special guest, my buddy Jay. And by special, I mean, not special in any way whatsoever. We profiled The Whale, spoke some usual nonsense and ended with Shelly being upset.
August 9, 2010 This podcast marked the return of LaMont! We spoke about pop culture, sports, and farts. Listen in!
August 16, 2010 The return of the live show! We held a brief funeral for Doug and introduced a new Doug. We had the pop culture review, sports review, a Leonard story told by me, and some other nonsense. Listen to it and tell us how much we stink!
August 23, 2010 Tonight Doug bummed out of the show and it was for the better. We had a special, guest host, The Ed! The Ed was confronted by Security Guy Irv about ducking out of a fight, he sang some songs, and asked Shelly some interesting hypothetical questions. We also heard from 18 Nalax and Craig Dodge ( Our listener of the week was Holly Turpin, and Adam was the subject of my newest poem.
August 30, 2010 On tonight's show we talked some pop culture, we talked some sports, and Shelly and Doug talked about parenting. The real story is that you can listen to the birth of the most spectacular idea ever... a children's book called, "Everyone Jacks It." Um, we're still working on the title. Enjoy!
September 21, 2010 In this last minute show we decided we'd help all the students across America. We told them how they could get away with cheating on tests and how school was a big waste of time. We also did a pop culture review, spoke about flowers, and Family Matters.
November 3, 2010 On tonight's show we were joined by The Ed, who spoke about marriage propsals and adult films. We also discussed squirrels in the roof, the best NFL player ever (not Will Demps) and rejection lines.
January 10, 2011 Tonight's show featured Doug in a bathroom, Drew in a state of confusion, and Shelly in a rage. We discussed New Years resolutions, hooey, AND applesauce!
January 17, 2011 Doug is sick tonight, so it's a duet, not a trio. Either way, it's still a debacle.
January 31, 2011 Tonight's show featured fan favorite, Security Guy Irv. Other than that... it featured general mediocrity, dullness, and lack of appeal... and that's all before we even started talking!
March 25, 2010 Auction League Draft Show.