The N "if" L is an alternate universe made by Dave Dameshek and animated by It features an animated Dameshek hand drawing various things including players and other people, with his voice doing a narration role.

It starts off with some event taking place or not taking place, leading Dameshek to figure out how the NFL universe would be different if that event happened or didn't happen.

Episode ListEdit

Favre stays, so what happens to Rodgers?

What if the ‘Tuck Rule’ was different?

How Vick left Philly

What if ‘The Catch’ never happened?

What if the USFL hadn’t folded?

What if Tyree didn’t make his Super Bowl catch?

What if the Dolphins signed Brees?

What if Luck was in 2011 draft?

Dallas Cowboys four-time Super Bowl champs?

What if Elway hadn’t skipped out on the Colts?

What if Brady didn’t miss the 2008 season?

What if the '85 Bears had lost Super Bowl XX?

What if Romo hadn't fumbled?

What if Eli Manning hadn't been traded to New York?