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The Jerk List is a segment created by Dave Dameshek to punish those whom Dameshek deems are 'jerks'. The Jerk List was originally known as the Jerk Report and debuted on The Adam Carolla Show in 2006 and was a weekly feature throughout all of Dameshek's various shows. Prior to listing those who appear on the Jerk List, Dave informs those who might be upset with him if they find themselves on the list that, "I didn't do this to you, you did this to you! Let it begin!!!" Dave punishes each person on the list by firing the Han Solo Edition Blaster into the backside of their soul.

Jerk List Controversy[]

After the Feburary 4, 2009 episode of Dave Dameshek On Demand, the fan favorite Jerk List was inexplicably removed from the show. Though no reason was ever given by either Dameshek or ESPN, most people in the Shek Republic felt that it was ESPN's call to have the bit removed from the show. Many fans were upset and dismayed by the sudden and unexplained removal of the Jerk List from the show. The Jerk List would not return until Dave left ESPN and did The Dave Dameshek Show Powered By podcast in November 2009, much to the delight of those in the Shek Republic.

Former Jerk List "Honorees"[]

Show Date Jerk List "Honorees"
October 11, 2006 Shawn Merriman, Fruity Cheerio's, bad breath guy, friends of bad breath guy, mom of guy who called in
April 3, 2007 bartender at bar showing women's basketball, people who use pictures of people when they're old in obituaries, guy who parked in front of Dave's driveway, movie networks who show the same movies over and over, guy who turned his coworker in for drinking
April 10, 2007 Josh The Butler, Brian Murray, Ottawa Senators fans, Pittsburgh Penguins, Mucinex, people who tell athletes to stay in college instead of going pro, Henrik Lundquist
April 17, 2007 NHL, Madden video game franchise, the Ottawa Senators, Penguins fans who booed the Canadian National Anthem, Joey Crawford, the delay on the radio
April 24, 2007 Scott Mellanby, Sebastian Telfair's posse member, The Bachelor, husbands/boyfriends who jog with their wives/girlfriends, 1/4 second delay in Dave's headphones
May 8, 2007 Roger Clemens, doctors in England who misdiagnosed a patient, David Hasselhoff, Josh The Butler, Dallas Stars, babies (other than Lemieux Crosby Dameshek), Jim Carrey, Dennis Miller, Popeye the Producer
May 15, 2007 David Stern, Jerry Falwell, Popeye, Dave Dameshek, person who decided to give LaMarr Woodley #55 and the person who gave Santonio Holmes the #10, Josh from Butler, 93.7 The Zone management, The Bachelor
May 22, 2007 Michael Vick, Clinton Portis, Ken Rice, Ed Miller (The Ed), NBC, Gary Bettman, Cindi Dameshek (Miss Cindi). Baby Lemieux Crosby Dameshek
May 29, 2007 Josh Hancock's father, anti-American Mexicans, Popeye, Elliot The Intern, Marvin Lewis
June 5, 2007 Soldier from the Ex-Wives Club, Baby Lemieux-Crosby Dameshek, listener Paul, Paris Hilton, Danica Patrick
June 12, 2007 Ben Roethlisberger, people who asked Dave if his daughter who was dressed in pink was a boy or a girl, Popeye the Producer, Jack Wilson, Dave Littlefield
June 19, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed), Pittsburgh resturants, diet pull drug manufacturers/users, Jim Balsillie, Pete Prisco, caller Bill, Versus Network, anyone who didn't vote for Sidney Crosby for NHL MVP
June 26, 2007 Grammar, WWE, Houston Cronicle, Pittsburgh Pirates, Dave Dameshek, an anonymous caller, ugly lady from Pittsburgh
June 3, 2007 Soap ads with large women, Anucha Browne Sanders, nurse who gave Baby Lemieux Crosby shots, ugly babies, parents of ugly babies, Pittsburgh Pirate fans who didn't participate in the fan walkout
November 28, 2007 The Skins Game, Jalen Rose, Dave Dameshek, the United States judicial system
December 5, 2007 Toronto Raptors, doctors name diseases with their own names, Joyless Joey
December 19, 2007 Jimmy Cefalo, Lynn Spears, Patrick Crayton, Boomer Esiason, people who don't like the Kool Kats
January 8, 2009 Mercury Morris, people who bring sickness into the workplace/David Singer, Bill Simmons, Sideline Reporter Sara, Jimmy Kimmel
January 16, 2008 Adam Jones, Randy Moss, barefoot kickers, Oscar Pistoris, Tom Dempsey, Pete Carroll, Jarred Diglio, fat hairy smelly guy in sauna
January 23, 2008 NFL, Bud Selig, Dave Dameshek, people who leave memorial flowers for people they don't know, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise
January 30, 2008 Jerk Hotline, A. Martinez, Jarred Diglio, Dick Banks
February 13, 2008 Ben Howland, criminals in sports, voters of beauty pagents
February 20, 2008 Zach Randolph, Nate Robinson, Kelvin Sampson, Lost
February 27, 2008 Scott Spiezio, any team who thinks of signing Barry Bonds, Popcorn setting on microwaves
March 5, 2008 Marathons, Jim Hill, High hat roast beef cutter, Joyless Joey
March 26, 2008 Frontrunner fans, Dave Dameshek, overexuberant 10th-12th man
April 2, 2008 Max Mosley, Moises Alou, Kansas City Royals/Pittsburgh Pirates players, ESPN's podcasts, Neil Diamond
April 9, 2008 Roy Williams, Kobe Bryant, Mo Dameshek, Pittsburgh mascots
April 16, 2008 Gary Bettman, Dave Dameshek, Pete Carroll
April 23, 2008 Todd McShay, Dave Dameshek, San Diego Padres
April 30, 2008 Bill Simmons, Roger Clemens, Jarred Diglio, American Idol, David Archuleta, Neil Diamond
May 7, 2008 Los Angeles Dodgers, Jarred Diglio, Dave Dameshek, girl who thought Dameshek had a bota bag
May 14, 2008 Father Time, Pizza Hut and resturants that duped people into eating their pasta, Jared Diglio, LeBron James, DMQ, Kobe Bryant, Beto Duran, Michelle (caller), Dave Dameshek
May 28, 2008 Drivers who use cellphones, Hanes commercials with Michael Jordan and Kevin Bacon/Cuba Gooding, Jr./Charlie Sheen
June 4, 2008 If Lakers wear white jerseys and Celtics wear black jerseys, anyone who chanted "We want tacos" in final minutes of Western Conference finals, Mason and Ireland
June 11, 2008 Florida Marlins fans, Tiger Woods, everyone who gave Dave a hard time for wishing Brian Scalabrine best wishes
June 18, 2008 Boston Celtics, Phil Jackson
July 9, 2008 Oklahoma City Thunder, any broadcaster who says 'RBI', Gary Bettman, Brett Favre
July 30, 2008 Bill Simmons, movies that have the line, "We've got company", Jeff Samardzija, back-to-school commercials
August 6, 2008 Whoever wrote the laws not allowing popular music on podcasts, the PGA, the NHL Network, Dave Dameshek, Manny Rameriez, Matt (listener), guys who get tattoos with words/phrases not in their native language, peanut-free zone fan section at Safeco Field, Bill Simmons
August 13, 2008 Kobe Bryant, Bruce Springsteen, condescending people who act surprised that you don't watch a tv program, Chris Kaman, Becky Hammon
August 20, 2008 Jeff Kent, MLB trade deadline, infomercials, Cincinnati Bengals, Chad Johnson
August 27, 2008 People who plan affairs you have to go to during football season, Jericho Scott Little League scandal, Dave Dameshek (2x), U.S. men's basketball team
September 3, 2008 New England Patriots, Bill Simmons, John/Becky Moores, parents of ugly babies
September 10, 2008 Lance Armstrong, Baby Oprah, Pittsburgh Pirates, LeBron James
September 17, 2008 Ed Hochuli, DeShawn Jackson, people who didn't vote USC #1, Seattle sports fans who still cry about Super Bowl XL, Browns fans who think the Steelers are their rivals
September 24, 2008 Jerk List theme music, old people who work past retirement age, male models who are portrayed as older men, Dave Dameshek, New England Patriots fans
October 1, 2008 Dick Stockton/TBS, MLB, Travis Henry, Jerry Jones, Terrell Owens, Cincinnati Bengals, Ricky Williams
October 8, 2008 Shawn Springs, Terrell Owens and all athletes who don't follow the rivalry code, Rays fans, Cubs, Alex Rodriguez, Mike Shanahan, Selvin Young, Dustin Pedroia, Bud Selig
October 15, 2008 Media for not telling who won the Pacman fight, Clinton Portis, Roger Goodell, Ryan Seacrest, scientists who aren't doing their job, peoploe who call bad things great, Darius Rucker, Kobe Bryant
October 22, 2008 Matt Millen/Detroit Lions, nightmares, coaches who ice the kicker, Terrell Suggs, Roger Goodell
October 29, 2008 C.J. Brown, Marching band equipment left on the field, Derek Fisher's foot,'s fantasy basketball, Dave Dameshek, staph infection
November 5, 2008 Voting booths, NCAA & college football referees, Joey Porter, Brandon Marshall, Dave Dameshek, Brett Favre, Daylight Savings Time
November 12, 2008 NFL replay system, John Moores & Becky Moores, MLB, Mike Martz, Bruce Ariens & Andy Reid, Todd Gallagher
November 19, 2008 Dustin Pedroia, Dave Dameshek, Adam in Iowa City, people who imitate the Terrible Towel, J.P. Hayes' caddie, officials who reversed Troy Polamalu's touchdown, David Feeney
November 26, 2008 Mean Joe Coke commercial remake, people in L.A. who are afraid to drive in the rain, Montreal Canadiens, Bill Simmons & Sal Iacono, Dave Dameshek
December 3, 2008 Anyone who signs a ne'r do well and is surprised when they do a bad thing, males who wear jeans with buttoned pockets, listener John Kline, Dave Dameshek, Cindy Dameshek (Miss Cindy)
December 10, 2008 Jonathan Stewart & Steve Smith, anyone knows that the BCS was right in 2008, Santa Claus & reindeer, Paul in Chicago's wife
December 17, 2008 Jerks Of The Year: Kids who tell other kids that Santa isn't real, Donovan McNabb, Marian Hossa, wires of all kinds, Seattle sports teams, human babies, people who have ugly babies, Brett Favre, Roger Goodell, media coverage of Michael Phelps, Dustin Pedroia, New York Yankees, all NFL teams
December 31, 2008 Media who classified the Lakers' win against the Celtics as revenge, Skylar "The Sass", Steven Kravetsky, woman on flight from Pittsburgh to L.A., people who leave their lights up & radio stations who play Christmas music after Christmas
January 7, 2009 Corky Simpson, Dave Dameshek, Jarkko Ruutu, Dave's friends who lost weight before the holidays
January 14, 2009 NFC North, Darren Sproles, officials in Ravens/Titans game, Skyler "The Sass"
January 21, 2009 Dave's voice, Dumb fans, Players who seem just as happy losing as they are winning, dumping Gatorade on people, experts who think Ed Reed is better than Troy Polumalu, Claude Lemieux
January 28, 2009 Skyler "The Sass", anyone who says, "it's x degrees, but xx degrees on the court/field", NHL/NBA All-Star games, flaws of the Super Bowl
February 4, 2009 Manny Ramierez & Scott Boras, Joe Torre, guys who go on Dancing with the Stars, Instand Replay, Mike Perrera, Americans who don't watch the Super Bowl
November 23, 2009 Matt Millen, Detriot Lions, Arizona Wildcats, Arizona Wildcats students who were prematurely ready to rush the field, Les Miles, whoever came up with the weird pronounciations of jaguar, Steelers' special teams, Dave Dameshek, Zach Rosenfield, kid who wished for snow in Iraq in commercial
November 30, 2009 Nebraska Cornhuskers (if they beat the Texas Longhorns), Elin Nordegren, Cindi Dameshek (Miss Cindi), Dameshek's family, Tiger Woods
December 7, 2009 people in Southern California who can't drive in the rain, lady at resturant who didn't take Dameshek's advice, for posting Pitt women's score on front page, Frank Signetti, Big 12 Championship game, Viagra/ED ads
December 15, 2009 Heisman voters who don't wait until the championship game, Heisman voters for voting wrong, Heisman Trophy, Pittsburgh Steelers, Oklahoma State fight song, Santa Claus
December 21, 2009 Matt Millen, Zach Rosenfield, NFL Network, Eva Longoria, headlight company with threatening commercial, Dave Dameshek, people who mess with clothing sizes, Mike Tomlin
March 9, 2010 The Weez, TGI Fridays, guys who get angry at other guys who look at their ladies, Dave Dameshek's jeans
March 27/29, 2010 Producer Katie, sending condolences via Twitter/Facebook/MySpace, people who declare Lost to be the greatest television show ever, those who hate David Feeney and/or Daves Of Thunder, David Feeney, pious media
May 9, 2010 David Feeney, Adam Carolla and other people who think they've seen Star Wars but can't remember, Jacuzzi Pete (2x), Academy Awards
July 4, 2010 Human babies, first person who put R.I.P. on a tombstone, people who work H.R. on tv and movie police departments, Americans who compared US soccer World Cup run to the 1980 US hockey team
August 26, 2010 Antonio Cromartie, people who leave instructions on how to leave a message on their voice mail, David Feeney (2x), Blaster Girl
October 21, 2010 Jacuzzi Pete, David Feeney, drivers who pick their nose, T.J. Brodie (2 times)

July 20, 2012 Chip Cooper, Finance Manager at SPX Corporation in Charlotte, NC woman beware of this person who totally misrepresents himself