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The Do A Show Show is a random nonsense show featuring a number of different members of the message board. The show has no set date or time when it airs. The only time you can find out when it's airing is if you visit the D.A.M.N. chat room.


Show Date/Listen/Download Show Information
September 20, 2010 Face needs a show.
September 28, 2010 Ed wanted to do a show.
September 29, 2010 Fantasy hockey draft.
October 8, 2010 Major Minority wanted to see if we could break the record for the worst show of all time.
October 19, 2010 Does anybody really listen to these things? Like really, if you have listened to the past 4, please, reevaluate your life. I certainly am. Anyways, this is the 5th show of the Do A Show Show. Nalax hosts, Face, Dodge, and various other kids call.
November 27, 2010 Nalax needed a show. So this is the result. On the plus side, a record was set that is probably unbreakable. This was the worst show ever. RECORD SETTING!!
December 13, 2010 Where others have tried and failed, Aaron will not. Taking a temporary reprieve from the Award Winning* No Name Show, join Aaron Young as he attempts to create the worst show in radio history . . . by playing online Scrabble and announcing the match to all. Enjoy! (Or more appropriately, don't enjoy.) * - 2009 Eddie Award for "Best Show No One Listens To"
December 15, 2010 Another Installment of the Do A Show Show. Nalax, Face, Ed, Major Minority, Dodge, Aaron, and The Whale call in. We tried to get Dodge fired, and found out that he loves his son more than his daughter. Adam is a bum.
January 23, 2011 Major Minority wanted a show.
March 10, 2011 The Do a Show Show is back!