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Daves Of Thunder is a podcast released through the Adam Carolla Broadcast Network (aka the Ace Broadcasting). The show stars Dave Dameshek and "Show Humorist", David Feeney and wass a weekly show that was usually released twice a week. Mondays would feature a "regular" show while a "quickie" episode would air most Thursdays.

Dave And Dave

The first show was released on March 2, 2010 while the last show was released February 28, 2011. During the first two weeks, the show was known simply as Dave And Dave. Through an online poll listeners voted on a new name for the show. Fans voted for Daves Of Thunder, a play on the Tom Cruise film, "Days Of Thunder".


Episode # Show Date Release/Listen/Download Show Info
I March 2, 2010 In today’s podcast Adam welcomes back dear, dear friend Dave Dameshek to announce his new upcoming (unnamed) ACE Broadcasting show.
II March 9, 2010 The second episode of the still unnamed Dave & Dave show is here. Take a listen and sound off about the name you think it should have. Plus, the Jerk List.

Jerk List: The Weez, TGI Fridays, guys who get angry at other guys who look at their ladies, Dave Dameshek's jeans

Get out of Jerk Free Card: Dave Dameshek

Creep of the Week: Women who don't turn down guys by saying, "I have a boyfriend"

III March 15, 2010 Dave Dameshek and Dave Feeney announce the name of their podcast as voted by you and much, much more. First show to have a designated episode number.
IV March 22, 2010 Feeney grapples with his newfound online celebrity; Dameshek offers candidates for 'Worst Food'. Plus, Jacuzzi Pete reads listener mail, Dameshek tells about his run-in with Stuttering John, Feeney spins another R-rated yarn, and more.
V March 27/29, 2010 Feeney pens Dameshek's obituary; Shek tells his X-rated story of The Sea; The Daves debate the worst superhero; and an emotionally powerful Jerk List targets Adam Carolla. Live broadcast via ustream on March 27. Part 1 Part 2

Jerk List: Producer Katie, sending condolences via Twitter/Facebook/MySpace, people who declare Lost to be the greatest television show ever, those who hate David Feeney and/or Daves Of Thunder, David Feeney, pious media

Get out of Jerk Free Card: Dave's brother in law, Eddie, Tiger Woods

Creeps Of The Week: Adam Carolla, Dan Dratch

VI April 5, 2010 With Feeney back east, Dameshek tries to settle a domestic dispute between Jacuzzi Pete and his wife; also, a visit from beloved listener The Ed, and the fellas discuss the discipline that candy teaches.
VII April 10/12, 2010 Feeney returns with a chip on his shoulder and a stack of drunken emails from Jacuzzi Pete. Also, the fellas introduce an instructional tool for single people, "The Audio Blind Date". Live video broadcast on April 10.
VIII April 20, 2010 Dameshek and Feeney visit Jacuzzi Pete in his natural habitat: his Jacuzzi. While visiting, the Daves try a new game show to help resolve marital strife in the Jacuzzi home.
IX April 26, 2010 Feeney depicts how things might’ve gone had it been Dameshek instead of Roethlisberger in that Georgia college bar; the Daves hear from a grumpy Mel Kiper Jr at the NFL Draft; Jacuzzi Pete reads some fan mail; and the return of the classic gameshow “Who Did Mitchell Masturbate To?”
X May 2, 2010 The Daves celebrate reaching ten episodes by picking up audio Jacuzzi Pete previously left on the cutting room floor; also, the new segment “Jacuzzi Thoughts” is introduced; plus, Listener Mail.
XI May 9, 2010 The Daves mark the anniversary of ‘Star Wars’ with some gentle complaints and celebrate Mothers Day with a visit from Mo Dameshek during a special edition of Listener Mail; plus, a ‘Star Wars’-centric Jerk List, a futuristic #1 Sports, a musical Hollywood Minute and a new Land of the Fox Showdown.

Jerk List: David Feeney, Adam Carolla and other people who think they've seen Star Wars but can't remember, Jacuzzi Pete (2x), Academy Awards

Get out of Jerk Free Card: Dave and Dave's mothers, Bill Robinson, Jacuzzi Pete

Creep of the Week: George Lucas

XII May 17, 2010 The Daves throw on a drunk at their beloved Farmers Market, where the origins of the podcast first took root a decade ago.
XIII May 24, 2010 Episode XIII proves to be a lucky one for the listener, as the Daves introduce the racy new segment "What's in Daddy's Closet"; plus, NBA talk in #1 Sports; Kimmel's party in 'The Hollywood Minute'; and some irate correspondence in 'Listener Mail'.
XIV May 30, 2010 The Daves call Mo Dameshek to confess to embarrassing sins; remembering Gary Coleman; plus, more hooey & applesauce.
XV June 4, 2010 Bonus Episode: The Daves stuff into the car with Jacuzzi Pete and Blaster Girl for a daytime ballgame at Dodger Stadium.
XVI June 7, 2010 The Daves pay a visit to historic Chavez Ravine to drink in a daytime ballgame at Dodger Stadium with Jacuzzi Pete and Blaster Girl in tow.
XVII June 14, 2010 Shek rings in his 40th birthday with style thanks to a bounty of guests and surprises supplied by Feeney & Co.
XVIII June 16, 2010 Quickie Podcast: The Daves preview Thursday's NBA Finals Game Seven and answer some listener mail.
XIX June 21, 2010 Feeney details his sexually-charged run-in with Blaster Girl; Shek gets emotionally prepared to work with Ralph Macchio; and the Daves conduct Intern-views.
XX June 24, 2010 The Daves review the US's win over Algeria, Lakers over the Celts, and celebrate their 20th show.
XXI June 27, 2010 Shek recounts his meeting with Ralph Macchio; Feeney reads more of Pete's drunken dispatches in the latest 'Jacuzzi Thoughts'; and the Daves are visited in-studio by Mel Kiper for a World Cup discussion.
XXII July 1, 2010 The Daves discuss the start of NBA free agency, answer some listener mail, and Shek makes a powerful condiment-related admission.
XXIII July 4, 2010 The Daves of Thunder family celebrates the 4th of July with a barbeque; staff voice messages are exposed and Shek patriotically lays waste to ne’er-do-wells with a Jerk List.

Jerk List: Human babies, first person who put R.I.P. on a tombstone, people who work H.R. on tv and movie police departments, Americans who compared US soccer World Cup run to the 1980 US hockey team

Get out of Jerk Free Card: Dove, American public who didn't buy Dove soap

Creep of the Week: Ghana and New Zealand soccer team names

XXIV July 8, 2010 Dave and Dave watch the World Cup while they discuss soccer uniforms, guess where LeBron will go and are joined by a very special fan from down under.
XXV July 12, 2010 Street justice is doled out in heaps as Feeney attempts to punish Shek for his self-created "Funny Dave" moniker, while the Daves take Singleton to task for his alternately stolen and delusional remarks.
XXVI July 14, 2010 The Daves weigh in on Jacuzzi Pete's overly-intimate weekend with his mother-in-law; plus, a new feature honoring the NBA career of arch nemesis Spider Salley.
XXVII July 19, 2010 The Daves set Blaster Girl up on another Audio Blind Date with Feeney's sports-lovin' pal, Jeff, who also takes the opportunity to opine on the death of Steinbrenner; plus, more highlights from the career of show rival, Spider Salley.
XXVIII July 26, 2010 In the most heart-wrenching Daves of Thunder yet, the Daves try to move forward without Jacuzzi Pete by taking the show to an old pal's studio and wind up analyzing 'Revenge of the Nerds' and 'Happy Days'; also, Feeney shares a disturbing secret tale about Jacuzzi Pete.
XXIX July 29, 2010 When the Jacuzzi Pete Scandal comes to a head, the Daves turn to show matriarch Mo Dameshek to help heal the Daves of Thunder family's wounds.
XXX August 2, 2010 The Daves celebrate their 30th episode with a new edition of the ever-racy 'Daddy's Closet'; plus, discussion about 'Mad Men', summer blockbusters and pretzels.
XXXI August 5, 2010 The Daves celebrate National Mustard Day with a special guest and review the latest episode of 'Mad Men'.
XXXII August 8, 2010 The Daves of Thunder Players stage a new one-act play; Shek tells the tale of his real-life role-playing; and the fellas review their latest episode of drunken debauchery.
XXXIII August 12, 2010 With Feeney out working in show business, Jacuzzi Pete joins Shek for a musical walk down Memory Lane.
XXXIV August 16, 2010 Shek, Jacuzzi Pete and the rest of the Daves of Thunder family celebrate Feeney's birthday with some special surprises.
XXXV August 19, 2010 Feeney reads Shek's tweets; the Daves get a new sponsor; and the fellas use their podcasting clout to create a spinoff show.
XXXVI August 22, 2010 Mo Dameshek pays a visit and winds up on a date with Feeney; plus, Jacuzzi Pete tries to make up for his absence with a lame phone-in bit.
XXXVII August 26, 2010 Mo stops by for another visit, Jacuzzi Pete phones in again and Dameshek has a brand new Jerk List.

Jerk List: Antonio Cromartie, people who leave instructions on how to leave a message on their voice mail, David Feeney (2x), Blaster Girl

Get out of Jerk Free Card: Aluminum foil

Creep of the Week: David Feeney

XXXVIII August 29, 2010 Shek targets a surprising Creep of the Week; Feeney destroys a foe through poetry; the Double Ds continue to workshop their comedy; and Cioffi fills Jacuzzi Pete's chair with the help of two new "friends".
XXXIX September 2, 2010 The Daves call Feeney's old chum Tim for his thoughts on the show and the start of football season.
XL September 5, 2010 The Daves mark their 40th episode by reading Jacuzzi Pete's "Jacuzzi Thoughts: New York"; plus, Cousin Brandon attacks Feeney through poetry.
XLI September 9, 2010 The Daves field callers to play the new gameshow featuring the impressions of Shek's 1-year-old son, Jean Claude Van Dameshek.
XLII September 12, 2010 The Daves, still feeling the effects of the previous night's bender, laze their way through the show. The result just might be magic. But probably not.
XLIII September 20, 2010 'Shek and Blaster Girl pay a visit to Feeney's estate to discuss the start of football season, 'Laverne & Shirley', and the whereabouts of Feeney's lover Jennifer.
XLIV September 26, 2010 Jacuzzi Pete returns to find the Daves of Thunder house in turmoil and its inhabitants at each others' throats.
XLV October 4, 2010 The Daves start the show anew with the help of a family therapist.
XLVI October 6, 2010 The Daves bring back Dr. Corey to address some lingering issues.
XLVII October 11, 2010 The Daves are visited in-studio by the One-Man Houseband, Dick Banks, who treats them and a handful of Monkeys and/or BTLs to an acoustic set of show classics.
XLVIII October 14, 2010 One Man House Band Dick Banks returns for this week's quickie. Also joining Dameshek and Feeney are a few BTLs who talk to the Daves one-on-one and get their burning questions answered.
XLIX October 18, 2010 Episode XLIX opens with Dameshek discussing his busy work schedule. He and Feeny argue over missing a big football game, and Feeney recalls a story involving Kirk Cameron’s couch. Dameshek also re-pitches his version of The Match Game, and tells a story of one of the worst wedding toasts ever.

The guys continue their discussion of settling in relationships, and Dameshek gets heated up after a story involving blowjob parties and bar mitzvahs. Jacuzzi Pete steps inside, recalling the success of the past few episodes and suggesting the gang is still in its honeymoon phase. Dameshek then goes on a rant about the podcast being his passion project.

The guys also do an audio edition of Listener Mail, which Feeney calls “one of the most disturbing moments ever in the show.” After a quick review of the sports figure who wore 49 best, Feeney finds a lost document and presents another installment from the Daves of Thunder Players.

L October 21, 2010 The Daves anticipate fireworks on the occasion of their golden show, plus Dave reveals a new Jerk List.

Jerk List: Jacuzzi Pete, David Feeney, drivers who pick their nose, T.J. Brodie (2 times)

Get out of Jerk Free Card: T.J. Brodie

Creep(s) of the Week: Mike Cioffi, Kyle

LI October 25, 2010 The Daves tend to their to-do list, including: opening listener mail, reading Feeney's letter to the Dodgers, and what to do about Matthew Berry.
LII November 1, 2010 Due the absence of Feeney and Jacuzzi Pete, Dameshek hosts a Shek Classic version of the show, welcoming his old sidekick, The Sass, and his favorite caller, The Ed, back into the fold.
LIII November 15, 2010 Tensions are once again high in the studio, and Dameshek fears mutiny is afoot because of the Feenster's Union. Feeney fights back, catching up with Dameshek on his NFL Network gig and dishing more dirt on The Ed. Jacuzzi Pete is also close by, mentioning that the last episode was the most devisive in DOT History.

Dameshek also gets a lot off his chest-- dealing with the hate mail, arguing about the origins of the show, and pulling down his trousers to expose himself to the world. The guys talk more about the fanbase reaction to last week's lack of an episode, and try to determine how to proceed from here.

The shows will continue coming, so prepare yourself for exciting new installments of the Daves of Thunder Players, and probably a list or two. The Daves talk Thanksgiving plans, and thank all the monkies/BTLs for their support.

LIV November 21, 2010 With Feeney once again phoning in from his ivory tower in Culver City and terrifying listener Frank Tattoo looking on in-studio, Shek enlists the help of Jacuzzi Peter as he gets list in honor of Thanksgiving.
LV December 6, 2010 Feeney is back in the studio! The guys catch up on the last couple weeks, and attempt to talk about their Thanksgiving Holiday break. Shek also proposes DOT Lunchboxes and crew jackets, and talks about his horrible Chanukah memories from childhood.

Feeney talks about the Carbonite figurines they all got, and the guys enter a debate comparing Lord of the Rings to Star Wars. They also talk to Donovan about Doubleton being MIA, and wonder when the next episode of Double Ds will be ready. Shek lists the best players to wear #55, and discusses the Yankees decision to let Derek Jeter go.

After listening to a few fan submitted songs, Feeney finally unveils the latest performance of the DOT Players. The guys reenact the long lost original ending to a classic sports film, and discuss the upcoming Shekie awards.

LVI December 12, 2010 Feeney’s in studio for the second week in a row! Dameshek jumps right into the player who wore #56 best, and throws in a quick plug for the NFL Network. Shek also talks about an uncomfortable moment he had with Spider Salley, and Feeney makes an announcement regarding Christmas bonuses.

Donovan and Doubleton are back, and even though Jacuzzi Pete is out sick, Blaster Girl Katie is filling in as producer. They still manage to get JP on the line, who’s sick as a dog and still getting complaints from his wife. Shek also lists his favorite free appetizers, and Feeny talks about a pizza recipe he created. The guys also discuss the results of the Best Trilogy poll, and bring up the best and worst moments from the Superman series.

Wrapping up the show, at long last another installment of Double Ds… this time a medical drama entitled DR. Doubleton has taken acting lessons in advance of today’s presentation, which Shek ultimately declares a ‘deviant, macabre mess.’

LVII December 19, 2010 The Daves enjoy the gift of friends and family at L.A.'s Farmers Market for a holiday celebration.
LVIII December 26, 2010 The Daves find out if they have any female fans and talk about Dameshek's longest relationship.
LIX January 9, 2011 Today’s episode is on the road, as Dameshek and Jacuzzi Pete are en route to pick up Feeney at the car dealership. The guys chat about their delicious hamburger (and hot dog) lunch, and greet Feeney at their first stop.

Feeney talks about Jennifer moving into his apartment, and teases Shek about one of his co-hosts on the NFL network. As JP makes his way to the grocery store, the guys catch up on their holiday breaks and consider how to make their show about more than just ‘nothing’. The guys also look around Pete’s car, and Feeney takes a look at JP’s grocery list, which turns out to be rather bizarre.

While Pete’s at the store, Shek explains the way to make the perfect steak. The guys also chat about the embarrassment of buying tampons, and Feeney recalls getting attacked when he worked as a stock boy. Shek recalls his own experience fighting back against a bully, which thankfully didn’t result in him getting his ass kicked.

The guys reflect on their Farmer’s Market episode, and Feeney’s drunken night that followed. Shek also reveals the only player he could think of that wore #59, and even though the Shekies aren’t until next week, Feeney announces his choice for best film of 2010. In the final moments of the show, the guys tease JP about joining the Muslim faith, and announce their predictions for the weekend’s NFL Playoff games.

LX January 17, 2011 Shek hands out Shekie/Okey-Dokey Awards in three key categories; The Daves put a call into fan favorite, Tim; and a superlative new listener song is added to DOT music library.
LXI January 24, 2011 Shek and Feeney start the show discussing the groove they’ve gotten into. The gang plays another round of “Let’s Read Dameshek’s Tweets.” Feeney recalls the time Penny Marshall was hitting on him. The guys also recall their favorite moments from Laverne & Shirley.

Shek talks about going on Carolla’s show, and he and Jacuzzi Pete try to figure out why Feeney didn’t join. The guys also listen to a new fan submitted song, discuss last week’s Okie Dokies, and try to decide what the back of their t-shirt should say.

On today’s show, special guest and ‘beer scholar’ Ian Cheesman joins the program. He’s a beer critic for, and he reached out to JP to get the guys’ thoughts on different types of brew. The guys discuss the ‘epidemic of beer snobbery’ and reflect on their favorite times getting drunk. Feeney recites a Bukowski poem from memory, and wrapping things up, Shek gives his evaluations of the Sierra Nevada line.

LXII January 30, 2011 Jacuzzi Pete's spinning fan made songs as Dameshek is on assignment at the Super Bowl in Dallas.
LXIII February 28, 2011 At the top of the show, the Daves announce that this will be their farewell episode. The guys reflect on the past year of shows, and Shek tells a couple stories from his Super Bowl experience. Jacuzzi Pete joins the studio later and talks about having Tom Hanks at his house for a Jimmy Kimmel bit.

The guys also talk a bit more about the past month—Shek’s visit to Vegas, and Feeney’s work during pilot season. They also discuss some of their unrealized hopes for the podcast, and the highs and lows of the show. JP then throws in a couple thanks to the show’s regular contributors, and the group listens to some newly submitted fan songs.

As the music fades out, the guys argue over the importance of ‘bits’ vs ‘infotainment’ on the show. Shek even goes so far as to list his favorite bits over the year. Wrapping things up, the guys contemplate their final grand exit, and give their thanks to everyone for a great working experience.