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Dave Dameshek's Sports Contraption was a radio show hosted by Dave Dameshek on 93.7 FM The Zone in Pittsburgh, PA. Dameshek hosted the show at his friend Jimmy Kimmel's house in Los Angeles. The unusual circumstances for broadcasting the show in this manner were due to the fact that Dave's wife Cindy was pregnant with their first child and she was unable to travel and Kimmel's home had the equipment necessary for Dameshek to comfortably broadcast. Dave was joined by his producer, Brian Sailor who became known as "Popeye" and later by Eliott "The Intern" and Erin "The Intern". The show debuted on April 2, 2008 and ended on June 6, 2008 after Dave and his wife both had opportunities in Los Angeles that they could not refuse.


Show Date/Listen/Download Guest(s) Show Info
April 2, 2007 Jimmy Kimmel, Sal Iacono (Cousin Sal), Mo Dameshek, Mike Dameshek (Uncle Mike) Introducing Josh The Butler (Jimmy Kimmel's butler), and Popeye the producer
April 3, 2007 David Feeney, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon) Dave does the Jerk List

Jerk List: bartender at bar showing women's basketball, people who use pictures of people when they're old in obituaries, guy who parked in front of Dave's driveway, movie networks who show the same movies over and over, guy who turned his coworker in for drinking

Get Out Of Jerk Free Card: judge who cut zamboni driver slack, guy who beat the check at steakhouse three weeks in a row

Creep Of The Week: The Civil Rights Game

April 4, 2007 John Steigerwald, Dick Banks, Old Man Dameshek Computer Service Blake
April 5, 2007 "Bob Nutting", Mike Dameshek (Uncle Mike), The Dutch Mook
April 6, 2007 Bill Simmons
April 9, 2007 The Colonel, Richie and Erv, Mo Dameshek, Dick Banks, "Elaine" The Cab Driver
April 10, 2007 "Larry Burkhead", Darren Dreger, The Sheepdog, Cousin Mitchell Dave does the Jerk List.

Jerk List: Josh The Butler, Brian Murray, Ottawa Senators fans, Pittsburgh Penguins, Mucinex, people who tell athletes to stay in college instead of going pro, Henrik Lundquist

Get Out Of Jerk Free Card: NHL Draft Lottery, Larry Burkhead

Creep Of The Week: Global warming

April 11, 2007 Rory Freedman, David Feeney, "Elaine" The Cab Driver
April 12, 2007 Kara Yorio, Mike Dameshek (Uncle Mike), The Hog "Pacman Jones"
April 16, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed), David Feeney, Cindi Dameshek, Richie and Erv, Sal Iacono (Cousin Sal)
April 17, 2007 Eric (Friend of Josh the butler), The Hog, The Dutch Mook Dave does the Jerk List.

Jerk List: NHL, Madden video game franchise, the Ottawa Senators, Penguins fans who booed the Canadian National Anthem, Joey Crawford, the delay from the radio

Get Out Of Jerk Free Card: People who booed Barry Bonds at PNC Park

Creep Of The Week: The Bachelor

April 18, 2007 Paul Steigerwald, John Grupp, Bruce, Sheepdog, Cindi Dameshek (Miss Cindi), Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon) "Keith Benjamin"
April 19, 2007 Mayor of PNC, Dr. Prison, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon) *File Skips*, 'IT Blake'
April 20, 2007 Chris Russel, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon), Mike Dameshek (Uncle Mike)
April 23, 2007 Don Spagnolo, Richie and Erv, Rob Rossi, Ed Miller (The Ed), Mayor of PNC
April 24, 2007 The Hog, Debbie Dameshek Dave does the Jerk List and an interview with "Bob Nutting"

Jerk List: Scott Mellanby, Sebastian Telfair's posse member, The Bachelor, husbands/boyfriends who jog with their wives/girlfriends, 1/4 second delay in Dave's headphones

Get Out Of Jerk Free Card: Dave's unborn child, Mike Dell

Creep Of The Week: God

April 26, 2007 Ted Christian, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon), Richie, Chaz, Rich, Cindi Dameshek, Uncle Scott
April 27, 2007 Dick Banks, Russ Lande, Mike Dameshek (Uncle Mike), Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon)
April 30, 2007 Little Baby Oprah
May 3, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed), Vic Carucci, David Savageau, Don Spagnolo, The Hog, Mayor of PNC
May 4, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed), David Feeney, Chris Noak, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon)
May 7, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed), Josh the Butler, Richie and Erv, Mike Dameshek (Uncle Mike)
May 8, 2007 Josh the Butler, Meg, Craig and Rocky, Mo Dameshek, Meg and Craig's Parents Dave does the Jerk List, Hypothetical Horatio and a Chugging Contest at Wrigley

Jerk List: Roger Clemens, doctors in England who misdiagnosed a patient, David Hasselhoff, Josh The Butler, Dallas Stars, babies (other than Lemieux Crosby Dameshek), Jim Carrey, Dennis Miller, Popeye the Producer

Get Out Of Jerk Free Card: Baby Lemieux Crosby Dameshek

Creep Of The Week: Linda Cohn

May 9, 2007 Neil Walker, Ed Miller (The Ed), The Hog, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon) Movie Villain Bracket: Alien (5) vs Gary Busey from Lethal Weapon (12)
May 10, 2007 Daniel Sepulveda, Don Spagnolo, Cousin Mitchell, Debbie Dameshek, Neil Walker (replay) Darth Vader (1) vs Sharon Stone (16), Freddy Krueger (6) vs Adolf Hitler (11)
May 11, 2007 David Feeney, Chris Noak, Ed Miller (The Ed), Cindi Dameshek (Miss Cindi), Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon) Cheechoo and Teemu Songs, Darth Maul (5) vs Clubber Lang (12), Hypothetical Horatio, Predator (3) vs Brad Wesley (14)
May 14, 2007 Paul Ferguson, Richie and Erv, Josh from Butler, Elliott the Intern
May 15, 2007 Uncle Mike, Ed Miller (The Ed) Dave does the Jerk list, Alan Faneca talk, Barry Bonds or Charles Manson and The Ed accepts a baby at the park

Jerk List: David Stern, Jerry Falwell, Popeye, Dave Dameshek, person who decided to give LaMarr Woodley #55 and the person who gave Santonio Holmes the #10, Josh from Butler, 93.7 The Zone management, The Bachelor

Get Out Of Jerk Free Card: Stan Gable

Creep Of The Week: Alan Faneca

May 16, 2007 Andrew McCutchen, Mayor of PNC, Ed Miller (The Ed), The Hog, Josh from Butler, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon) The Ed's baby saga continues and Dave hosts NHL Player or Star Wars character.
May 17, 2007 Dick Banks, Ed Miller (The Ed), Debbie Dameshek The Ed sings several songs, Baby Saga cont, Name that Tune, and MVB: Sandman vs Stan Gable
May 18, 2007 David Feeney, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon), Ed Miller (The Ed), Chris Noak More of The Ed's baby saga, Ed A Cappella, Match Game, and MVB: Magneto (2) vs Johnny (sweep the leg!)
May 21, 2007 Mayor of PNC, Richie and Erv, Sheepdog Hypothetical Horatio
May 22, 2007 Don Spagnolo, Bob Errey, Cindi Dameshek (Miss Cindi) Dave does the Jerk List, The Bachelor, Levon Kendall Memorial Black or White Game

Jerk List: Michael Vick, Clinton Portis, Ken Rice, Ed Miller (The Ed), NBC, Gary Bettman, Cindi Dameshek (Miss Cindi), Baby Lemieux Crosby Dameshek

Get Out Of Jerk Free Card: Sean Logan, Gary Bettman

Creep Of The Week: The Bachelor

May 23, 2007 John Van Benschoten, Ed Miller (The Ed), Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon), The Hog Dave talks to "Alan Faneca", The Ed sings some songs and the Levon Kendall Game
May 24, 2007 Mike Dameshek (Uncle Mike), David Feeney, Rory Freedman, Ed Miller (The Ed) Match Game, Levon Kendall Game, Child Services visit The Ed, Blind Dates (Rory/The Ed, Feeney/Elaine the Cab Driver)
May 25, 2007 Chris Noak, David Feeney, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon) Poetry Showdawn, MVB: Round 1 Recap, Dr. Zeus vs Johnny (Cobra Kai)
May 29, 2007 Don Spagnolo, Ed Miller (The Ed), Erin the Intern Dave does the Jerk List, talks to "Joe Paterno" and hosts the Levon Kendall Memorial Game

Jerk List: Josh Hancock's father, anti-American Mexicans, Popeye, Elliot The Intern, Marvin Lewis

Get Out Of Jerk Free Card: Danica Patrick, Sarah Fisher, Milka Duno, Popeye

Creep Of The Week: Joe Paterno

May 30, 2007 Richie (no Erv), Jimmy Kimmel, Rob Rossi Jimmy stars in a round of Match Game
May 31, 2007 Debbie Dameshek, Baby Lemieux Crosby Dameshek, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon), Mayor of PNC A round of the Match Game and Dave's sister Debbie goes on two radio blind dates.
June 1, 2007 Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon), Ed Miller (The Ed) Cousin Brandon and Popeye The Producer have it out with a poetry battle for the ages and some Hypothetical Horatio
June 5, 2007 Mayor Of PNC, The Sheepdog Dave does the Jerk List and hosts a round of the Levon Kendall Memorial game.

Jerk List: Soldier from the Ex-Wives Club, Baby Lemieux-Crosby Dameshek, listener Paul, Paris Hilton, Danica Patrick

Get Out Of Jerk Free Card: Listener Anthony, Sarah Silverman, anyone who supports Dave's Steel Curtain statue idea

Creep Of The Week: Piggy littering woman

June 6, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed), The Hog Dave is in a sour mood, angry with the Steelers' PR Department. Also, Dave hosts the Match Game.
June 7, 2007 Reed Agnew, Anthony Jeselnik, Dr. Doug, Deaf Frat Guy Dave entertains some in studio guests and also hosts another round of the Levon Kendall Memorial Game.
June 8, 2007 Chris Noak, David Feeney, Brandon Dameshek (Cousin Brandon), Ed Miller (The Ed) It's the last night at the Kimmel Estate in Los Angeles. The show starts with the Match Game. A poetry battle between Cousin Brandon and Popeye the Producer is put to a halt while David Feeney pens a poem called "Twice She Said" in response to Cousin Brandon's jab from an earlier poem.
June 11, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed) It's Dave's first night in the 93.7 The Zone studio in Pittsburgh and its his birthday. Instead of talking about the current woeful Pirates, Dave reflects on the '79 Buccos beginning a daily lookback on the "We Are Family" Pirates. Also, the Levon Kendell Memorial game.
June 12, 2007 Cindi Dameshek (Miss Cindi), Richie and Erv Dave's nephews have a miniature golf showdown and the Movie Villain Tournament continues with two matchups, Predator vs. Alien and The T-800 from The Terminator vs. General Zod. Plus, Dave does the Jerk List and hosts the Match Game.

Jerk List: Ben Roethlisberger, people who asked Dave if his daughter who was dressed in pink was a boy or a girl, Popeye the Producer, Jack Wilson, Dave Littlefield

Get Out of Jerk Free Card: Popeye the Producer, Dave Dameshek

Creep of the Week: Bob Nutting

June 13, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed), Dick Banks, Billy Hillgrove Dave talks golf at Oakmount with Dick Banks, hosts the inaugural round of Name That Douchebag and Dave talks to Billy Hillgrove about the Steel Curtain Statues
June 14, 2007 Mike Dameshek (Uncle Mike), Don Spagnolo Uncle Mike plays the role of Geno Malkin to give Erin The Intern a test for her future interviews.
June 15, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed), Old Man Dameshek It's casual Friday on the Sports Contraption. Dave hosts a round of Name That Douchebag.
June 18, 2007 Dwight White, Richie and Erv Dave talks to former Pittsburgh Steeler and Steel Curtain member, Dwight White. Besides that, Dave also burns a free hat he received while at a recent game at PNC Park and hosts a round of The Match Game.
June 19, 2007 Andy Chomos, Ed Miller (The Ed) Dave and several callers rail against Bob Nutting and the current Pittsburgh Pirates regime, plus The Jerk List.

Jerk List: Ed Miller (The Ed), Pittsburgh resturants, diet pull drug manufacturers/users, Jim Balsillie, Pete Prisco, caller Bill, Versus Network, anyone who didn't vote for Sidney Crosby for NHL MVP

Get out of Jerk Free Card: Caller Larry, Dwight White

Creep of the Week: Dave Littlefield

June 20, 2007 Mayor of PNC Dave opens the show ranting about a sexual harassment seminar he had to attend earlier in the day, then has a contest for Best Side Dish.
June 21, 2007 John Steigerwald, Ed Miller (The Ed) The Movie Villain Tournament results with the Feral Four, Dave poses the question of what is the most overrated movie ever and Erin The Intern interviews Dave playing as Sidney Crosby and later The Ed playing Pacman Jones.
June 22, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed) Dave put on a talent show for Sports Contraption listeners and asks what the best jersey in baseball is. The Ed takes Dave up on the offer and does a magic trick over the radio as well as a couple impersonations.
June 25, 2007 Rob Rossi, Richie and Erv Penguins draft talk with Rob Rossi and Richie and Erv join Dave for some talk about the woeful Pirates. Plus the inaugural round of Sports Pyramid.
June 26, 2007 Pete Prisco, Bill Simmons, Gregory Kronz Dave talks to Pete Prisco about the his 50 best NFL players list and the lack of Steelers on it. Plus the Sports Guy Bill Simmons joins the show.

Jerk List: Grammar, WWE, Houston Cronicle, Pittsburgh Pirates, Dave Dameshek, an anonymous caller, ugly lady from Pittsburgh

Get out of Jerk Free Card: Vince Young, Chicago Bears

Creep of the Week: Dave Littlefield (Creep Hall of Shame)

June 27, 2007 "Bob Nutting", David Feeney, Ed Miller (The Ed), "Elaine" The Cab Driver Dave poses the question, what is the best sitcom of all time? Plus, Show Humorist David Feeney joins Dameshek to talk Three's Company and pro wrestling, The Ed does some more impersonations and "Elaine" The Cab Driver goes on a couple audio blind dates.
June 28, 2007 Don Spagnolo Dave talks the Pittsburgh sports scene with Don Spagnolo.
June 29, 2007 Adam Carolla, Ed Miller (The Ed) Dave poses the big question of the night: What is the best pizza topping? Adam Carolla joins the show to weigh in on the topping topic as well as talk all sort of hooey and applesauce.
July 2, 2007 Rocky Bleier, Ed Miller (The Ed), Richie and Erv Dave talks with Pittsburgh Steeler legend, Rocky Bleier and more talk about the woeful Pirates with Richie and Erv.
July 3, 2007 Shane Youman Dave does the Jerk List and talks with Pirates pitcher, Shane Youman. Also the big question of the night: What is the best holiday? Plus a round of Match Game.

Jerk List: Soap ads with large women, Anucha Browne Sanders, nurse who gave Baby Lemieux Crosby shots, ugly babies, parents of ugly babies, Pittsburgh Pirate fans who didn't participate in the fan walkout

Get out of Jerk Free Card: Dave Dameshek, Cindi Dameshek (Miss Cindi), Frank Thomas

Creep(s) of the Week: Rick Hilton, Kathy Hilton, Paris Hilton

July 5, 2007 Dave asks listeners the question of the night: What is what is the best pie? Also, a new twist on an old game the Levon Kendall/Shane Youman Black or White Memorial game and another intern-view for Erin The Intern.
July 6, 2007 Ed Miller (The Ed) Dave, the crew and listeners bid farewell on what is the final installment of The Sports Contraption